100% WALK: (English ONLY at this time – not offered in Spanish)


As part of our outreach to help the Body of Christ go the next step in walking in Holiness, we have put together this fantastic kit that will enable many to walk in 100% Holiness. This kit is currently being used to enhance the School of Revival Level 1 curriculum and is intended for anyone who wishes to bring Holiness into the Home. It is packed with information and hands-on tools that can be used daily to enhance and monitor your daily Walk with Jesus Christ. It is our prayer that these items will be a blessing to you as you walk towards 100% Holiness.


It is our prayer that this material will bless you and launch you into a 100% Walk of Holiness with Jesus Christ.


This selection includes the book: The Fire of His Holiness


The intent of the kit is to bring Holiness to the home, through tools that can be used in our day-to-day walk with Christ.


The kit contains:


  • Orientation CD – Introduction to the 100% WALK and instructions on how to use the kit
  • DVD sermon - Holiness to Lead
  • Fire of His Holiness Book by Sergio Scataglini
  • The 100% WALK Handbook: Practical Applications
  • Scriptures on CD - How to walk in Purity
  • Pass It On Mini-pack CD for sharing Holiness with others
  • Pocket-card for daily self-evaluation in the WALK
  • BONUS- 100% WALK bracelet

100% Walk Holiness Kit (Without Book, Kit only)