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Thank you so much for your interest in inviting the Scataglinis to minister at your church. NOTE:  The Scataglinis are available to do "in person" meetings, as well as "virtual" meetings (via internet) to your church or group.



Pastor Sergio & Kathleen do not have a preset honorarium requirement to minister. Your loving support of their ministry will be greatly appreciated. The Host church should be prepared to cover the Scataglinis’ travel expenses. This includes two coach-class airfares, luggage and airport parking fees. SMI books their own flights and will provide an invoice for reimbursement. In the event the Scataglinis are visiting more than one church on their trip, travel expense will be split. Checks for travel and honorarium should be made payable to SMI (Scataglini Ministries, Inc.).


Hotel and Meals

Pastor Sergio travels with his wife, Kathleen, or on occasion, with an Assistant. A hotel with a restaurant or room service service is always appreciated.  If the host plans to provide snacks, any natural snacks and spring water will be greatly appreciated. 


Promotion and Bio Info

Biographical information and photos of the Scataglinis for promotional purposes are available upon request.  Please send us a digital copy of any literature that is being distributed for promotion of the event.


Completing and sending the “Ministry Request Form” initiates the process of having Sergio and/or Kathleen minister at your meeting and helps us with logistics. Once we have reviewed your invitation, we will send a written confirmation, if the Scataglinis are able to accept. 


Again, Thank you for your interest. Have a blessed day.

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